Frequently Asked Questions


What does KBF stand for?

Kitchen Bathroom Flooring. We also specialize in Basements but KBBF just didn’t sound right!

How long has KBF by Audi been in business?

KBF by Audi Contractors is a family-owned and operated residential remodeling company that has proudly served homeowners in the DC Metro Area for over 35 years!

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located in Ashburn VA.

Is KBF by Audi licensed & insured?

Well of course, we are! KBF by Audi Contractors carries both a liability and worker’s compensation insurance as well as a Class A Contractors License through the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Does KBF by Audi use subcontractors?

The only work we subcontract is some drywall and demolition however, most of all our work is done by our in-house staff.

Does KBF by Audi Contractors charge for estimates?

Not at all! Our initial in-home consultation is always complementary and free of cost.

Do you require a down payment?

We collect 100% of the product costs up front so we can start ordering the materials needed. As for Construction, you’ll be given a progress payment schedule in which payments are made in stages as your project reaches certain milestones.

Why does KBF by Audi require that a client provide a budget for his/her project in the inital interview phase before scheduling an in-home consultation estimate?

Great Question! Consider this: Would you go on a job interview without FIRST knowing the job requirements or salary offered? Would you purchase a vehicle without FIRST finding out how much it costs? The likely answer to both of those questions is: Absolutely not! That is why we require a budget up front. Our Clients are so much more than a job or a purchase to KBF by Audi, and if your remodeling needs complement our own, we will put in 110% effort to make sure you happy and satisfied with our company!

How much will my kitchen remodeling project cost?

Here are some estimated budgets:

  • Pull and Replace Average: $65,000
  • Complete Remodel Average: $85,000

How much will my bathroom remodeling project cost?

Here are some estimated budgets:

  • Hall Bath Pull and Replace Remodel Average: $15,750
  • Hall Bath Complete Remodel Average: $18,750
  • Master Bathroom Pull & Replace Remodel Average to: $40,000.00
  • Master Bathroom Complete Remodel Average: $50,000.00

How much will my basement remodeling project cost?

Here are some estimated budgets:

  • Finished Basement Remodel Average: $65,000
  • Unfinished Basement Remodel Average: $85,000

How long will it take to complete my home remodel or home renovation project?

Every job is unique, so timing is based on the scope of work. As a rule of thumb, here’s a list:


  • 55 Working Days


  • Secondary Bathroom: 17 Working Days
  • Master Bathroom: 44 Working Days


  • 66 Working Days

Additions and Whole Home Remodels

Minimum of 3-6 months

What is KBF by Audi’s warranty?

We provide an industry leading 2-year workmanship and 10-year product warranty. If anything goes wrong, simply contact our customer service team and they will handle everything!

Once I decide to work with KBF by Audi, what is the general process of the remodel?

Check out the process page on our website to learn more!

Will my project be supervised?

KBF by Audi has an in-house production team dedicated to each individual project. Your personal Project Manager is responsible for scheduling the trades and materials, meeting the building inspectors, quality control and completing the final punch list.

Does someone need to be home during the day when we are under construction?

No. Your dedicated Project Manager there daily to ensure the project stays on track.

Can I request or change things during the remodel?

The KBF by Audi process allows our design team and clients to explore design options and work out the many details before construction starts. Having all the details documented and clarified in our construction drawings allows KBF by Audi to provide clients with fixed-price construction contracts. If a change is required, either client driven or by an unforeseen condition, it will be easily handled with a standard form we call “Change Order Form” (CF). We encourage our clients to have minimal changes to avoid project delays or cost overruns.

What services does KBF by Audi not perform?

KBF by Audi specializes in large scale residential remodels. Unfortunately, we are not able to preform the following at this time:

  • Painting Jobs
  • Resurfacing Cabinets
  • Replacing Countertops
  • Patching/Repairing Drywall
  • Fixture/Appliance installation
  • Electrical Jobs
  • Standalone Handyman Services
  • Don't be discouraged! Please feel free to give us a call. If we are unable to assist you, KBF by Audi can point you in the right direction with a recommendation for some of our trusted local businesses!

Can I provide my own material?

Due to our warranties, we cannot do projects where clients provide their own materials. Clients will have two options when working with us: they can either purchase products from us and hire a contractor to do the work or, clients can purchase the products from us and we’ll install everything.

Who do I call if there is a question or problem with my project?

Your Designer & your Project Manager will be your two main points of contact during your entire remodel process. Your Project Manager will be onsite every day throughout the process and will have remote access to email.

Do I have to get involved with permits and inspections?

Never! KBF by Audi handles pulling all permits and arranging for all necessary inspections using our own contractor license.

Is there a job site cleaning routine for KBF by Audi?

Of course! Your construction team will take the utmost care of your home including cleaning the work area at the end of each day with all trash bags removed daily. If you’re having a large project done, a dumpster may be left on the premises while needed. Your Project Manager will work will you to determine the best placement.

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